Gail Sprock Memorial

It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of long time club member Gail Patricia Sprock on January 20th, 2014.

The German Shepherd Dog Club of Southern Arizona, Inc.

Reading all this is so sad, one by one our people are missing...she was one fine lady, she taught me a few good things that I will know, share and do for the rest of my life. She made time to come and visit us for a week on Long Island and we really enjoyed that time! God speed Gail I hope your in a better place!
Respectfully, Donna
A very sad day for all of us but a blessing for Gail. I was priveleged to have known her for so many years and happy to have had the chance to help her out during her early years and during the last few years before she could no longer understand. She knew long before that dreaded disease struck what was going to happen and faced it with that quiet strength that was her hallmark.Two years ago I had a long talk with Gary Cook out in Arizona and knew that she was already beyond our reach. Our small world can not afford to lose people like her.
Norma Hansburg
I met Gail years and years ago. I worked closely with her and Lee Smith while on the editorial board and later were roomies at the Nationals one year. I loved sitting next to her at GSDCA board meetings. She had a gift with just a word she managed to lighten the mood on many occasion. What a kind, talented, creative soul. And one of the best handlers ever.
Rest in peace, dear friend


A huge loss to the breed. When I went on the road tour with RIN TIN TIN in June 1999 - she was so kind and met me at the airport in Tucson to help with the dogs.
Great lady - now likely running in the rings of heaven and showing them all how to show a dog.
In the early 70's many old timers back then called her "Princess Lightfoot" for the way she handled with such ease. She had a special connection with her dogs. Such a Sad Passing.
Rest in Peace Gail.

E. G. Baker

I've just been told that Gail Sprock died this morning. She has been out of circulation for a long time, but I know that many people will remember her as the Editor of the Review and previously as a top handler in our breed.
Gayle Richmond

There was no Don Quixote or 2X Sel Charisma or MV Mannequin, without my dear friend and handler Gail. Her loss is staggering, but I want to think of her playing now with Sirocco and Windy and so many of her special dogs.
Another loss of another sad.

Helen Franklin

I am so very sad to hear of the passing of Gail. She was a very dear person and will be missed by many.

Rita Sandell

When someone dies, or loses a great friend, or even finishes a dog, I only respond in private. I did have to say something when Bob Penny died, and now with the loss of Gail, I feel a need to express my feelings. Something I seldom do.

I remember Gail so well, and the times we handled against each other. The jacket I wear to the National, leather with all the patches, was a gift from Gail and I only wear it to the Big Show. I developed a special relationship with Gail that lasted over 40 years. She was and will always be one of my favorite people. She had an approach to life and dogs that always humbled me, and made me realize I could emulate her and become a better person.
I have a picture with Gail and myself at the last National. I don't know if she understood who I was, but just being able to see and talk to her was a comfort to me. She will be missed, honored and remembered so long as I live.

My heart is very heavy for our dear friend and handler. When we got back into dogs several years ago, the first thing I wanted to do was to contact Gail and start up again. I was so saddened to hear about her illness. We were fortunate to meet up with her in Phoenix at a show. Gary had taken her out for the day. She remembered us and we talked for a while. Pat and I often quote her. We loved her and will always miss our friend and teammate.

Steve and I are very sorry to hear of Gail's passing. When working with her on Bull's, Brick House's and Godiva's ads for the Review I found her to be a creative spirit and very easy to work with. Although she never handled for us, we always thought she was an excellent handler and over the years she handled many dogs that Steve and I admired.
"Hickory Hill"

Trouble with my computer prevented me from knowing about Gail Sprock's passing. It did not come as a shock but nevertheless a feeling of having lost a great person as a handler, Review Editor, but mostly as a very intelligent, open, yet very private person.. She has been a member of the German Shepherd Dog Club of Southern Arizona for many years and as the Editor of the "Shepherd Strides", our Club newspaper, I asked her if I could interview her. She happily agreed. I taped this interview at that time which I hope to be able to share with our club members in memory of Gail. I had the opportunity and privilege to get to know her on a more personal level as I helped with some typing for the Review. During this time I noticed that she became forgetful about certain things and upon talking with Gary he disclosed this terrible news. Therefore, her eventual departure as Review Editor did not surprise me. Gail was a perfectionist in whatever endeavor she chose. She will not be forgotten.
Liane Fossland

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