Saturday, December 15, 2018, 10AM until done

Continental Reserve Loop Park Get Directions
8569 N. Continental Reserve Loop Park (Coachline just west of Silverbell)



We will be serving lunch and playing with our dogs!!  The plan is to have some dog games, food and of course a little
mini meeting to vote in the new board members and recognize our amazing training staff.

LEARN about new upcoming training programs and opportunities!


NEW CLASSES!  NEW TRAINING DIRECTORS!  All part of the discussion on that day.  We want to thank our instructors. 

We could not ask for a better group of people to have supporting our training program.


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Scent Work Demonstrations by Buddy!! (Try out by Eliot and Tess!)

Buddy Alerts on The Hide! Eliot Finds a Carrot! Tess Finds A Carrot!


Maria and Cosmo - Tricks Demo! Steve and Colt Demo Reverse Rally! (notice Heel on Right, not Left)
Cosmo Spins!    


Winner! Extras
Reverse Rally - Jenny and Buddy  Haddy - Reverse Rally Means Backwards! Tess Says - Here's The Cone mom!


More Extras
Maria and Cosmo Buddy Manny