AKC Rally Obedience Class

Rally obedience training is a great way to build a strong foundation of teamwork between you and your dog, to refine you and your dog's obedience skills, and - it is FUN! AKC Rally is a competition sport (AKC Companion Event) open to all purebred or mixed breed dogs that are registered with the AKC either through the purebred dog registration program, AKC Pet Partners program for mixed breeds or the Purebred Alternative Listing (PAL) for purebred dogs that do not have registration papers. The dog and handler proceed through a course of 10-20 stations with a judge in the ring. Teamwork is important; the handler may talk, praise and encourage the dog.  In AKC trials Novice and Intermediate are on-leash while Advanced, Excellent and Master levels are off-leash.

Because Rally requires a high level of focus from your dog, we ask that the following requirements be met in order to take this class:  The dog must

  • be a minimum of six months of age
  • reliably perform (with distractions) Sit, Down, Stay, Leave It, Come, Fronts/Finishes
  • demonstrate focused attention on the handler
  • be able to heel on a loose leash

A brief pre-first class evaluation will help us to determine if your dog meets the above requirements and if a Rally Class will be the best learning experience for you and your dog  If necessary, you will have the option to transfer to one of our obedience classes.

The Novice class will include instruction and demonstration of all 42 Novice signs.  By the end of session the handler will have an understanding of principle parts of each exercise, the scoring system, deductions most commonly occuring for each exercise, and ring and trial etiquette.  Classroom time will be used to review videos and resources.  The team will progress to competition courses and a mock trial on the final day of class.

Handlers participating in the Intermediate, Advanced, Excellent and Master classes should have a strong understanding of Rally Obedience.  Courses in the class will be designed as competition courses.  More difficult stations will be set up for practice outside of the Rally rings.  Bar, broad and high jumps will be available for practice at various times throughout the session.  Instruction will be self-paced and specific needs and questions may be discussed with the instructor.

Learn more at – www.akc.org/events/rally/.

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